Google Meet Etiquette

In Cybersmart we have been focussing on Smart Relationships. One of the things we looked at was the idea of making sure we have good Google Meet Etiquette when/ if we are on Google meets. Google meet etiquette basically means Google meet good manners.

We watched Mr Ferguson’s Cybersmart Challenge then completed the task that goes with it.

Do you have good Google Meet Ettiquette.

Check out Vaingalo’s Blog post all about it!

Launching our Blog Commenting Competition

Today in Cybersmart we launched our Quality Blog competition. We have been learning how to write quality blog comments this term as part of our Smart Relationships focus in Cybersmart.

For the competition you have to write a comment to someone else on their blog, and then submit the comment on a form. The person with the most comments at the end of the term wins!


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