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School trip to Maungarei

Room 4 went on a school trip to Maungarei on Tuesday to climb the Mountain and to learn about the history of Panmure and the local landmarks.

First the junior school lined up and gathered under the canopy. We sat and sang a song, while we waited for the bus to arrive. As we waited we did some stretches to get our bodies ready to climb the mountain.

Then we got onto the bus and sang a song. The song we sang was “The Wheels on the Bus”, it was so much fun and we all enjoyed the short trip to the mountain.

When we arrived ,we saw a sign it said no cars allowed. Then we took a class photo in front of the rock wall at the bottom of the mountain. We started climbing up, it was quite steep but we all managed well. On our way up we saw houses, the Tamaki river, shops, trees, cars and the busses parked down at the bottom.

Then we got to the top. It was so beautiful and amazing! We could see the Sky Tower and Auckland Harbour and all the neighbourhoods around Panmure.

Next we walked up some stairs to get to the top where we had to meet a man that was going to tell us about the mountain. When we got to the top, we all sat down around the trig and started listening to Mr Peter who told us about the history of Panmure and the mountain. He called the mountain “his mountain” and said it was “our mountain” too.

After that we went down the mountain we saw Mr Johnston sitting at a table waiting for us. We all called out “Hallo Mr Johnston!” and waved at him, he waved back at us. Then as we were walking we saw the mountain made a smiley face a us.

Then we walked back down the mountain and we saw some old red rocks, they were lava rocks or volcanic rocks. We know this because Maungarei used to be a volcano that erupted 10 000 years ago.

Finally we walked back to the bus and returned to school and had our lunch. We were so tired but happy after a nice trip.

I had a wonderful day and I can’t wait for next time!

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