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Taniwha Art

On Friday we embarked on a journey to learn about the Tāniwha of the Tamaki river, a mythical creature from Maori culture that is said to inhabit New Zealand’s waterways.

To start our lesson, we explored the history and significance of Tāniwha to Maori culture. We talked about how they were considered to be guardians of the river and protectors of the people who lived nearby. We also discussed the importance of respecting the Tāniwha and the river, as it is a vital part of the ecosystem.

After learning about the Tāniwha, it was time for the students to create their own designs. We used Google Images to look at different representations of Tāniwha and discussed their unique characteristics. Then, the students were asked to sketch their own Tāniwha, incorporating some of the features that they found most interesting.

Next, we moved on to the colouring process. I introduced the students to the colour wheel and discussed the concept of complementary colours. We talked about how complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel and how they create a pleasing contrast when used together.

The students were then given oil pastels to add colour to their Tāniwha drawings. Some chose to blend colours while others preferred to use a more vibrant style. Many students chose to use the complementary colour scheme to make their Tāniwha really stand out.

Overall, this lesson was a great success. The students were enthusiastic about learning and creating, and I was thrilled to see them engaging with the material in such a meaningful way.



Picasso Art in Room 5

Room 5 learned how to draw their faces in both the front and the side view, just like a Picasso painting. After that we learned how to use crayons to outline our drawings and how to write our names in creative fonts. We then looked at the colour wheel and learned all the complimentary colours. Using this knowledge we used dye to finish our painting, carefully choosing the right colours to make our paintings pop. We had so much fun and cannot wait to share our finished art pieces on our blogs next week.


We are all connected

This week Room 5 got to know each other a little better. We each got a piece of wool and said something about ourselves, if another student could relate to us, they grabbed the other end of the wool. At the end it created a whole web of wool. It was so much fun to see how much we all had in common. We are also very excited to get to know each other better throughout the year and to build long lasting friendships.

The Golden Child – A Manaiakalani Film

One of the things that we in Room 5 especially enjoy is playing a game of Golden Child on the basketball court. We created a new character called the “Golden Child”, who became the main character in our film.

During the making of the film, we had to give everyone a role to play, so that we were all part of the film. We had main actors, extras, filming crews ,costume designers/makers and voice actors. We had a lot of fun making the film, especially creating the green screen effect where the Golden Child is flying in the air. Another favourite part was when Fern got to eat the chocolate cake, full disclosure he only had one big bite and there was cake everywhere!

We are very proud of our film and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.


Copyright laws and t-shirt designs

Today in Cybersmartwe learned about copyright law and attribution. To use someone else’s work, you have to have their permission, or it must be free to use. For this task we designed three different t-shirts.

  • The first one was from Google images, and would not be able to be printed because of copyright.
  • The second one was from the explore tool. It could be printed, but only with attribution.
  • The third one we created ourselves, which means we can print it if we wanted to.

Google Meet Etiquette

In Cybersmart we have been focussing on Smart Relationships. One of the things we looked at was the idea of making sure we have good Google Meet Etiquette when/ if we are on Google meets. Google meet etiquette basically means Google meet good manners.

We watched Mr Ferguson’s Cybersmart Challenge then completed the task that goes with it.

Do you have good Google Meet Ettiquette.

Check out Vaingalo’s Blog post all about it!

Launching our Blog Commenting Competition

Today in Cybersmart we launched our Quality Blog competition. We have been learning how to write quality blog comments this term as part of our Smart Relationships focus in Cybersmart.

For the competition you have to write a comment to someone else on their blog, and then submit the comment on a form. The person with the most comments at the end of the term wins!