School trip to Howick Historical Village

The school trip to Howick Historical Village


Room 4 went on a trip to the Howick Historical Village on Tuesday to look at how people lived long ago. 


When we arrived the junior school took a picture together and then we were put into three groups. 


First our group went to play with some old toys. The toys were made out of wood because that was the only thing they had. The toys were also very fun to play with. They were very different from our toys today, they were made with wood and strings and our toys are made with plastic. They were made by boys and decorated by the girls with paint. 


Next we went to go make butter. We had to add cream to a bowl and then we had to sing a special song “churn butter churn, everyone is waiting at the gate, waiting for some butter cake, churn butter churn”.  We then had to separate the butter from the buttermilk and wash the butter clean. The butter was made into a square shape and then we spread it on crackers and enjoyed it. It was very delicious!


After that we went to look at the old houses and buildings. We saw  old family pictures, old shoes, old beds, a baby crib and their clothing. Then we went into the general store. We saw dead birds for sale as well as fruit and pumpkins. It all looked very real. We walked down the path and went into the old classroom. We saw a very old black board with words written in chalk. There was an old piano and very old wooden desks. The tables had names carved inside it. 


Finally we went into the big two-storey house. There was a big kitchen and big bottles and orange and white pumpkins. The house had big stairs and upstairs were their bedrooms. Downstairs was a massive lounge and it was all very old but beautiful. 


We loved the trip so much and cannot wait to go back again!

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  1. Kia ora Room 4, we are Room 22 at Point England School. We just talked about how you made butter. We would like to make our butter too. We think butter will be nice with freshly baked Maori bread.

    What is the tune to the butter song? Would you be able to sing it on a recording?

    Well done for this blog post, please visit our blog on this link

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